Letter to the House Committee of Science, Space and Technology referencing the Weather Forecasting Improvement Act of 2013
December 3, 2013 (

Press Release, June 3, 2013
U.S. Experts Issue Joint Call for Action to Strengthen America's Weather Services

Declaration of The Weather Enterprise Consensus Building Conference 
March 27, 2013

Weather Coalition and co-chair, Ray Ban quoted in Wharton School article
Today’s Forecast for the Weather Business:  Increased Revenues and a  Focus on Innovation
Published:  April 10, 2013 in Knowledge@Wharton

Support for NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (PDF)


AMS Town Hall: Toward a U.S. Weather Commission

Town Hall and Community Discussion held during the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Austin, Texas, hosted by The Weather Coalition.

January 7, 2013 - Town Hall Video (55:54 via YouTube) | Meeting Abstract


AMS Town Hall: Toward a U.S. Weather Commission

Town Hall and Community Discussion held during the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Austin, Texas, hosted by The Weather Coalition and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

January 7, 2013 - Town Hall Video (55:54 via YouTube) | Meeting Abstract

Weather Enterprise Leaders Discuss Proposal for a U.S. Weather Commission

Teleconference, hosted by the Weather Coalition and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

December 13, 2012 - via YouTube (1:01:37) | Teleconference Audio (1:01:00 - .mp3 file)
(If the audio file does not play on your computer, you can save it to your desktop: right click [PC] or option + click [Mac] to download to your computer.)

Experts call on Congress to create first U.S. Weather Commission (News Release, September 27, 2012)

Toward a U.S. Weather Commission:  Protecting Lives, Livelihoods and the American Economy   

Hill briefing sponsored by UCAR and the Weather Coalition  
September 27, 2012 - Briefing Video (1:03:38 - via YouTube)

Agenda (PDF) | Presentations (PDF)


August, 2011: The Weather Coalition welcomes Lockheed Martin to its membership!

June, 2011: The Weather Coalition welcomes SpectraSensors, Inc. to its membership!

Joint Weather Coalition/UCAR Letter supporting S. 692, National Hurricane Research Act of 2011 (PDF)

National Hurricane Research Act of 2011 ( S. 692) (PDF)

4-18-11: Joint FY12 Funding Letter to Senate Appropriators (PDF)

Weather Coalition Town Hall at AMS Annual Meeting, January 24, 2011 (PDF) 


  • Ray Ban (PDF), Co-chair of the Weather Coalition and Consultant, Weather Industry and Government Partnerships, The Weather Channel

  • Walt Dabberdt (PDF), Vaisala Chief Science Officer and Chair of the NAS Committee on Progress and Priorities of U.S. Weather Research and Research-to-Operations Activities

  • Fred Carr (PDF), University of Oklahoma and Co-Chair of the UCAR review of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)

  • Wendy Naus (PDF), Lewis-Burke Associates LLC and the University Corporation for  Atmospheric Research (UCAR) 


Sept. 7, 2010: Joint Weather Coalition/UCAR comments on draft National Weather Service strategic plan (PDF)

June 16, 2010: FCC Seeking Comments on Impacts of Sharing Bandwidth

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has requested comments on the impacts of the proposed sharing of the 1675-1710 MHz frequency band, which is primarily used by NOAA for downlinks from weather satellites (GOES and POES) and radiosonde spectrum, for mobile broadband use (such as iPhones, games, etc.). Potentially, this could impact private sector, academia and state and local users of data received for meteorological purposes. 
FCC Public Notice.
NWS message to users. 
Weather Coalition's comments on proposal (PDF)


Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Comm. Hearing 7-28-09 "Weathering the Storm: The Need for a National Hurricane Initiative"
Hearing Report courtesy of Lewis-Burke Associates

Senate Hurricane Research Initiative bill introduced by Senator Martinez July 21, 2009

National Climate Enterprise and NOAA Organic Act introduced by Congresswoman Bordallo June 6, 2009

Hurricane Research Initiative bill introduced by Congressman Hastings Jan. 8, 2009

NOAA Organic Act introduced by Congressman Ehlers Jan. 8, 2009

Science in House and Senate Stimulus Bill (2-12-09)

"The Elections are Over -- What Next?" A Weather Coalition/AMS Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise Town Hall January 13, 2009

In this briefing, panelists discuss the importance of investing in research related to severe weather and climate change. In order to adapt to these threats to economic and social stability, decision makers need local and regional scale information, but climate models are hampered by lack of research, observations, and computing at this scale. They introduce the community's priorities and recommendations to the next Administration and Congress.

Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters 1980-2008 (National Climatic Data Center)


Weather Coalition FY 2009 CJS Testimony

FY09 Budget Request for NSF, NOAA, NASA and DOE Office of Science


Weather Coalition Letter on S. 931, the Hurricane Research Initiative Bill (5/24/07)

Weather Coalition Letter on HR 2407, the Hurricane Research Initiative Bill (5/24/07)

Testimony on FY08 NOAA Budget Request


Comments on Hurricane Report to NSB (10/06)

Joint WC/CORE Letter to CJS Appropriations Conferees (10/06)

Letter to Vice Admiral Lautenbacher on Wind Profiler Network (8/06)

Letter to Chairman Boehlert on NOAA Organic Act (6/06)

Comments on FY07 Budget Request (5/06) 


Letter to Transportation Appropriations Conferees on the Road Weather Research Program (11/05)

Comments on NOAA's "Partnerships" Policy (9/05)

NOAA in Katrina Supplemental Bill

Conference letter on FY06 NOAA

Comments on S. 786, the National Weather Service Duties Act of 2005

Comments on HR 1674, U.S. Tsunami Warning & Education Act

Comments on HR 50, NOAA Organic Act


FY 05 VA-HUD conference letter (11/04) to:

FY05 CJS conference letters (11/04) to:

Comments on HR 4546, NOAA Organic Act (7/04)

Comments on Ocean Commission Report (6/04)

Letter to Appropriators re: NOAA (6/04)

Comments on the NOAA Research Review Team Draft Report (1/04)

Weather Coalition Brochure (1/04)