About Us


The Weather Coalition is focused on improving tropospheric weather observations, analyses, forecasts, and warnings. The Coalition recognizes that weather overlaps strongly with climate, hydrology, air quality, etc. and supports efforts in those areas that contribute to its weather focus. The Goals of the Weather Coalition are to:

  • Improve the nation’s weather observing, prediction, and warning capabilities
  • Provide assessments of the nation’s socioeconomic vulnerability to hazardous weather events
  • Stimulate economic growth in industries that provide weather-related products and services
  • Increase awareness within commerce and industry – and within the White House Executive Branch and the U.S. Congress – of the sensitivity of commercial and industrial operations to weather
  • Support research efforts that promise to expand knowledge and understanding of weather as well as foster the development of new products and services from that expanded understanding
  • Help to ensure that the nation has a work force capable of contributing to all segments of the weather enterprise